Is the thermostat broken in your refrigerator? Some tips!

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Is the temperature in your refrigerator fluctuating constantly? Is your food feeling warmer than usual? It might be a sign that your refrigerator’s thermostat is broken. A broken thermostat can lead to spoilage of your perishable food items and it might also increase your utility bills.

Here are some tips to help you diagnose if your thermostat is broken or not:

1. Check the temperature setting: Make sure that the temperature setting dial is set as per your preference.

2. Inspect the thermometer: Use a thermometer to check if the temperature inside the refrigerator is stable.

3. Clean your condenser coils: Dirt and debris can cause your refrigerator’s thermostat to malfunction. Clean your condenser coils every few months to prevent this issue.

If these steps do not fix the issue, it is likely that your thermostat needs to be repaired or replaced by a professional. Don’t hesitate to call one as soon as possible to prevent further damage and ensure your food stays fresh.


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